Let's All Choose a Book to Read!

Okay, I know I confessed to communal reading last time, so this should come as no surprise, but I want to read a book with you.

In July.

(May is nearly over and I'm afraid June will be crazy.)

So, what would you like to read?

Some communities choose a book for multi-discipline consideration; the first year I was at George Mason University, every department read and discussed The Handmaid's Tale. I was thrilled because I love that book and it taught me an important lesson about narrative: namely, the narrator does not need to be omnipotent. I was used to 1984 and Brave New World, where everything was revealed, but in The Handmaid's Tale, the perspective is that of one of the handmaids. It was very liberating.

Fairfax, Va., has chosen The Uncommon Reader this year, a slim volume that supposes what might happen if Queen Elizabeth began reading. Bel Canto was a big hit with a number of communities in 2003. Harrisburg, Pa. chooses authors, rather than titles. The Library of Congress has a list of other "One Book" selections around the nation. Check it out and see if you're inspired.

Other volumes that can help you choose a volume is 1001 Books to Read Before You Die and either of the Book Lust books.

Carole's and my families will choose a classic for our next read; I'm itching for something by Dumas (though, in deference to Corinne, I can wait), and Robinson Crusoe was at the top of my list (but I'm trying to find the edition with W.C. Wyeth illustrations). We won't venture toward another book, however, until after the nuptials.

So, choose a book that sounds good. I have a few ideas (as always). Be ready, so when we start in July, we'll all have the book and be able to start on the adventure together.

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