The Need for Fluff 'n Trash™

I had a pretty ambitious 2008 summer reading list posted previously, and I meant to read the books on the list.

Then I fell ill and discovered a pressing need for Fluff 'n Trash™.

It came after my (one!) afternoon of daytime television. Bruce Springsteen is correct: 57+ channels and nothing is on. (Although I confess that a sanitized version of "Blazing Saddles" can be very seductive and "Nanny 911" is like a car wreck: I can't always look away.) I've put my boxed set of "Planet of the Apes" movies on the To-Watch List, so I'm not a total egghead. (Geek, perhaps, but not an egghead.)

I'm as patriotic as the next person, but I can handle only so much beach volleyball before the Olympics Games start to lose luster.

However, right now I'm consuming light reading. I'm five novels in: One for the Money, Two for the Dough, Dear John, If You Could See Me Now and the mammoth Sheer Abandon. I suppose a 750-page paperback isn't exactly light, but it is a nice distraction. One of three woman had a baby whom she left in a closet in Heathrow Airport, and 16 years later the baby-cum-young-woman and three possible mothers becomes enmeshed in each other's lives. (Think "Lace" with a lot of references to tea and everyone calling each other "darling.")

Not all Fluff 'n Trash™ is equal. I devoured One and Two, as I had Fourteen, but finished Dear John because I thought it would improve. (It didn't.) Sheer Abandon was monolithic, but an interesting ride. Penny Vincenzi leaves no stone unturned and shows us a mini-series in her books. It's a method at which she excels, and I enjoy the ride. Three to Get Deadly awaits me right now, and I can't wait!

Both Carole and Alicia are searching for more Janet Evanovich or Evanovich-like books, Kathy keeps handing me intriguing books (think Susan Isaacs) and Carole has some other good spicy reads up her sleeve, so I'll stay busy with as much reading as my napping will allow.

I would love suggestions for more Fluff 'n Trash™ and can't wait to see what you recommend.


Corinne said...

I definately understand the need for fluff 'n trash. Sometimes the mind can't handle any more heavy books. As for recomondation, I would say you should definately read the Twilight series. They're all great books, and really fast reads. Enjoy!

Chris said...

Corinne, I would love to read them — you have spoken so highly of them! Plus, I like vampire stories. (Who doesn't?)