David Sedaris is Coming to Town!

I recently discovered a writer who has made me laugh aloud more than once, and whose books I enjoy without fail: David Sedaris.

I heard him first on The David Letterman Show (thanks, Stadium Pal!), then stumbled across an audio recording of an essay of his I read about Christmas in the Netherlands:
A Dutch parent has a decidedly hairier story to relate, telling his children, 'Listen, you might want to pack a few of your things together before going to bed. The former bishop of Turkey will be coming tonight along with six to eight black men. They might put some candy in your shoes, they might stuff you into a sack and take you to Spain, or they might just pretend to kick you. We don't know for sure, but we want you to be prepared.'

Sedaris has an enviable way of making honest comments that stop the reader in her/his tracks. I read Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim and found myself reading passages out loud, and quickly shared it with Carole — his description of his mother's contempt for people who own more than one home (and the family's consideration of doing just that) was quote-worthy:
She laughed and swatted him with a towel, and we witnessed what we would later come to recognize as the rejuvenating power of real estate. It's what fortunate couples turn to when their sex life has faded and they're too pious for affairs. A second car might bring people together for a week or two, but a second home can revitalize a marriage for up to nine months after the closing.

His work is a literal joy to read, and these nuggets of humor are so tightly woven into his essays that every entry is a gem.

If you have a chance, read his stuff — and now that he's promoting his latest book, he very well could be coming to a town near you. I hope to see you there!

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